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I have an understanding of municipal finance and will develop better tactics to assist in Residential and Commercial growth.

I will work with City planning and the construction industry to make it easier to develop within Kamloops. This includes reviewing policy, working to remove red tape, and reducing the amount of time it takes to get a development permit.

I will bridge the gap between the arts and sports communities and help them work together to get better use out of existing facilities.


I will work with Kamloops Business Leaders to build on the identity of Kamloops, putting Kamloops first. This includes inspiring renewed commercial interest in the community’s growth and development. 

I will continue to work with Business Improvement Associations and Community Neighborhood Associations.

I will review the structure and effectiveness of Venture Kamloops to increase commercial and residential land availability.

We have to look at developing our current infrastructure. We are in need of more recreation facilities like skate and water parks and public pools. And we need a performing arts centre. This type of development is needed to attract new residents and grow our city.


Our current approach to community safety needs to change! I will work with all levels of government to find solutions to our current challenges.

We all want positive changes to help those struggling with addictions and mental health, but so many agencies work independently. Let’s get all the players together and find a better way to make our streets safer.

I will work on communication strategies with Interior Health to assist in better coverage at Royal Inland Hospital and all long-term care facilities.

I support a better vison for our RCMP and health-care professionals. I will give them the tools they need to do their jobs and develop achievable solutions.

I will work with agencies who help those struggling with addiction and mental health. The goal is to work on a goal oriented, pro-active plan to assist those with addictions to better their lives and support them in their recovery.  

I will encourage Interior Health to communicate with City Council regularly and help them work together on developing strategic plans around Community Safety.


With the price of housing in Kamloops on the rise, we need new ideas on how to make housing achievable for all. Achievable housing is different for everyone through hard work, a little help and savings.

I will develop an Achievable Housing Reserve Fund to assist young families looking to buy their first home. With more demand on land, we can work with local developers and potential home owners to create a program that assists families with a down payment on a home. 


It’s time we get more involved in the discussions which shape the future of transportation in Kamloops. From walking, biking, bussing, driving and the transportation of dangerous goods, residents deserve more of a say in how this will look for decades to come

With projected growth comes the opportunity to improve on our existing infrastructure and create better sidewalks, more cycling and multipurpose paths, and safer roadways. Plus, we need upgrades to our two existing bridges, and the conversation must continue about a third crossing. 


I will develop a strategy to increase opportunities for more businesses within Kamloops to apply for this exemption. 

 Kamloops is a beautiful city that gives local residents so much! We are blessed to live in a community which provides such a great lifestyle, and has such a suitable climate for so many people. We are fortunate to have a regional hospital that continues to grow alongside our community.  Educational opportunities are plentiful at Thompson Rivers University, with enrolment surpassing twelve thousand people who access its facilities daily.

Our city is centrally located with great highways giving us access to the beautiful outdoors, whether it be Sun Peaks or one of the many hiking trails in and around Kamloops. A simple jaunt to Vancouver is only a few hours away….

When you look at all we have to offer families looking to relocate, I cannot see a more attractive place than Kamloops. All we need to do as a community is open up and become more vocal about this great place we call home.

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