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Kelly Hall

Kelly was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and migrated to British Columbia as a young lad in 1964. Aside from a two-year return to the province of his birth to attend the University of Saskatchewan, he’s called B.C. home ever since.

Kelly moved to Kamloops in 1983 and fell in love with the city. When asked “Why Kamloops?” he says this is a great community with many activities that appeal to an outdoor enthusiast like himself. His children, Mark and Kyla, call Kamloops home as well.

Once settled in our community, Kelly went straight to work. He was employed by Woodwards through the 1980s and joined Black Press and Kamloops This Week in the sales department in the spring of 1991. He was General Sales Manager at the paper from 1993 to 1997, and took over as publisher in 1998, a position held until 2017. He’s been with Stingray Media the last four years.

A variety of activities fuel Kelly’s free time. He loves sports – all sports – and balances the physical activity as a member of the arts community. He engages in tourism and travel as well as local business and media.

Kelly doesn’t just take part in the community, he gives back as well by volunteering at various local events. His enjoyment of sports sees him engaging with young athletes as a Minor Hockey coach and coach for Hockey B.C. He was a part of the RIH Foundation for seven years and on the YMCA/YWCA Board of Directors for 12 years. Kelly is a member of the Fundraising Cabinet for the BC Wildlife Park, is on the Board of Directors for the TRU Sports Taskforce, and has a Leadership and Communication Certificate as a TRU Alumni.


Working in the media landscape for more than thirty years has given me a strong sense of community and an understanding of what matters to those who call Kamloops home. I’ve worked directly with business owners to develop professional tactics, provide solutions around employment strategies, and develop marketing plans to grow revenue. It’s gratifying knowing you are helping local entrepreneurs realize their goals.

I have a strong leadership and management sense, and have lead and developed teams to build success in every vocation I was involved in.

My media experience, and work alongside the municipal government, has given me an understanding of what’s needed to be an active City Counsellor.  I have a keen knowledge of policy development, a desire to collaborate and negotiate with others, and a willingness for open and transparent communication when it comes to decision making.

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